Thursday, May 24, 2018

Why Do People Enjoy Creepy Stories?

I know it's been an age since I've posted (5 years!?), but I've been thinking about revisiting this blog for the past year or so. Like so many resolutions, it never got past the "thinking about it" stage, but I find myself with some unexpected time on my hands, so here we are.

If you've been thirsting for a few really compelling book recommendations, I'll get to those. However, first I want to address my title question -- Why Do People Enjoy Creepy Stories? I read the book A Simple Favor, by Darcey Bell, over the last weekend. It started out very pleasantly -- two mom friends, one seems to have misplaced herself, other one is concerned and blogs about it. From that point, the story spirals into what is, for me, the stuff of nightmares. I had gooseflesh while I was reading it, and I didn't actually sleep very well afterwards. I did some poking around, and I discovered that there's a whole genre of novels about people who aren't who they say they are, and do seriously dysfunctional things. But who reads them? I haven't. Do you? Do you like not sleeping?

Back to some serious reading: I've discovered a wonderful mystery series set in Ireland in the Middle Ages. Beginning with My Lady Judge, the series is by Cora Harrison and follows a Brehon -- a Celtic law advocate who is also (gasp!) a woman. I'd never heard of Celtic law, which is actually fascinating, and it was very interesting to read about a woman with such power living in a time in which women were chattel, both practically and legally. This series is very worth the time hunting up each one and reading in order.

The Weight of Ink, by Rachel Kadish, is set in the 1600's and is the story of two extraordinary women. It's quite a long book, which is terrific, because it's one to savor. The only thing I didn't like about it is that it's the author's first, which means there will be a long wait for another.

Rounding out the list with something feather-light -- Kevin Kwan's series about the rich of Singapore, Beginning with Crazy Rich Asians, the story continues in China Rich Girlfriend, and culminates in Rich People Problems. The first one is being made into a movie, so read the book first! The dialogue is sprinkled with Malay slang, the characters are wonderfully wacky and memorable, and there are so many laugh-out-loud moments that make this series a mood-lifter.
Happy Reading!


  1. Welcome back to blogging! Thanks for the recommendations; I'm reserving all of them at my local library!

  2. I’m enjoying your posts again after a long hiatus - welcome back!!